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Mindset for a
modern and
future-oriented marketing

Bringing humanity back to marketing & business

Humans have to be perceived as humans again and not just as data points in segments that you can utilize with the right message at any time, at any place using sophisticated martech machines. I don’t believe in this technocratic and mechanized way of thinking about marketing and communication, because we humans are more complex than agreeing to be followed by shoe pictures with huge discount stickers on the Internet because we once visited a place with shoes.

Evidence-based instead of gut feeling

Some see the talent of creative craft as a form of art that is only available to a rare set outstanding minds. I do not buy in in the great hero theory from the Mad Men era of advertising. Instead, I refer to fact proven findings from academic work in the area if scientific marketing and other scientific disciplines as a basis for my thought patterns, strategies and concepts.

Facing complexity with the right mindsets

As we all know since Einstein, solving new problems with old methods is not very effective. The same applies to the increasingly complex environments in which companies operate with their brands. Copy & paste strategies or best practices from old business textbooks will not help overcoming these challenges. Instead a systemic, holistic view of the bigger picture, coupled with creativity and the courage to walk on new paths outside the mainstream are required.


Over the last 15 years, I have, among other things, supported these companies and brands in fulfilling and improving their marketing and communications tasks.


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For more than 15 years I support brands and companies to improve their marketing to the next level.

I share my experiences from many years as a manager on marketing agency side and as a startup founder for your future business success.


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