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How do you find out about the state of your client-agency relationship?

REALationships is our own crafted solution to support you in actively monitor and manage you agency to client relationships.


360° feedback solution

REALationships is a feedback questionnaire system with a 4 time per year process that helps your organization to track the health of your relationship. Other than a super long survey or just a simple net promoter score we developed a simply but yet powerful data framework to track both sides of the relationship and also give room for self-reflection. Therefore we give you a unique 360° view on the topic.

Actionable data:
2 perspectives – 4 data points – 3 deltas
1 relationship

realationships question example

With just 2 questions (1-10 scale) we can generate the data that we can compare the satisfaction from both party perspective and can also assess the gap between those two perspectives. Furthermore the self-reflection gives your organization an indication on what might go wrong inside.

Of course the relationship should be monitored over time in a frequent way. We would recommend here a frequency of 4 send outs per year in order to keep a balance between saving resources and get timely result.

realationships  process four times per yar

All put together in a simple web-based application

realationships  process and workflow

Our app provides simple access to all your data in handy reports and lets you easy manage your admin tasks, like handle your contact database and monitor the progress of the current voting period.