Our Service Offering

Our services portfolio circles around the three main topics of strategy, marketing and organizations. It is important that we uniquely intersect the items in a practical way to get the important topic of marketing across into your organization. For that purpose we offer four different format offerings for different needs.

Strategy & Direction

  • Trend research & evaluation
  • Market screening & pitch support
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Budget Prioritization
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication & Campaign Strategy
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Media Channel Strategy
  • Digital Coms Ecosystems

Marketing Services

  • Campaign Concept
  • Campaign execution and production oversight
  • Social Media Strategy & Concept
  • Content marketing concept
  • Digital marketing concept

Organization Development


Coaching & Sparring

Need an outsiders expert view or feel stuck with a current marketing related challenge? I can help you with a 1:1 marketing coaching in which I will support you to overcome your given challenge. As a systemic coach I support my coachees in finding the right solution for their challenges in structured guidance sessions. Besides that, I give also directive consultancy based on my marketing expertise or if wanted the combination of this two approaches.

🚀 Strategy & Concept

A solid strategy should be the foundation of every executional activity, is it in marketing or generally speaking in any business operations. Although the great need of strategy, I often saw not clear once, once that were no strategies at the end and many more flews related to the topic. In my advisory I follow latest scientific views on the topic, like the value stick from Harvard Business School Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee, and of course the for decades proven models from Michael Porter etc. My focus is of course marketing strategy and all underlying questions and topics.

Furthermore I develop marketing & brand concepts in the need of typical business challenges like new market entry, re-positioning or certain communication tasks.

💼 Execution Support

I can also support integrated in your team your operational marketing tasks, like handling a campaign project, accompany a larger re-branding process or overview the successful implementation of a previous crafted marketing strategy. Executional support is available for both marketing agencies and as well marketing teams in companies.

🏡 Operations & Setup

Are you struggling with the setup of your marketing team or the collaboration with your agency partners? Or are you drowning in daily emails and still your output is not matching your desired level quality? Based on my experience with large scale global clients and the way of work in those environments I can advise you to streamline your marketing operations and processes using digital tools and automation. I make use of agile methodology which I adapt for working in marketing contexts – both for marketing and agency teams.

Furthermore I also offer pitch support for both agencies and marketing teams focusing on the market in Austria.

For Whom?


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Marketing teams

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Startups or NGOs

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