Cannes 2024 – Some take aways

The world famous Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was happening this week, and I as usual kept an eye on the news and side stories from the event. If you are working in the advertising industry, it is the one award show everyone looks forward to take home a lion trophy. There has on the other side always been lot of criticism toward the awards, that it is not the advertising reality, that works are only made for the awards, the only popularity = the big brands and big agencies win and so on. Let’s put that away for now and look at some winning ads, I personally find very appealing.

Outdoor Grand Prix: Magnum – Find Your Summer

Print & Publishing Grand Prix: Coca-Cola – Recycle Me

Outdoor Grand Prix: Pedigree – Adoptable

Digital Craft Grand Prix: Spotify – Spreadbeats

Entertainment For Sport Grand Prix: Orange – WoMen’s Football

Besides the awards…

Cannes Lion festival is not only of the award show but also has interesting side events where the big advertising player host fancy dinner parties at the beaches of south France or marketing experts have interesting takes to say. It is all a big show and should been seen as this:

Nevertheless I found the talk of Mark Ritson (big critic of Cannes Lions) quite interesting and also Mike Cessario of Liquid Death, which is marketeer favorite brand right now, very valuable:

Mark Ritson on why strategy is the important base layer for strategy:

Creativity is distracting marketers from what matters:

Liquid Death founder Mike Cessario on the radical differentiation and entertainment strategy of his brand:

In Summary what was my perception of a non attended only reading the news: purpose and purposeful ads still are the big award drivers although some people already claim that we are in a post-purpose area. Humor in the ads is getting a big comeback and ads become more entertainment like.


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