Marketing Books

Marketing has become a broader and broader discipline with also loads of information in the form of marketing books out there. If you come out the western hemisphere and had a marketing class at school or college you have most likely learned you basic marketing skill with “marketing management” from Philip Kotler. Myself had the first marketing theory glimpse from this book and still can recall the memorable concept like the 4Ps (5Ps later and 7Ps for services marketing) or the STP (segmenting, targeting, positioning) strategic concept. This theory is still good basic marketing knowledge but some of it has been revised or even falsified with new evidence.

Marketeers doing active duty on brands and companies out there should dare to keep up the know ho to the latest developments. So here is my top marketing book reco for you giving you latest theory and practices at your hands.

Time saver tip: 9 books is a lot to read, so if you have limited time capacity I can recommend you to read at least “eat your greens” by Wiemer Snijders, as it is a comprehensive summary of the current state of the art and evidence of the entire field of scientific marketing.